Toasting with Craft Beers Across the Country

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Al Gattullo, host of Al Gattullo's Craft Beer Cast on AM970, Sunday's at 11:00pm. Find out why craft beers are the toast of small towns across the country.

8/13/18 #2157






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. Welcome. This is One on One. My good friend and radio colleague, Al Gattullo, Host, Al Gattullo Craft Beer Cast, AM 970 Saturdays, at what time? Eight o'clock. What your thing... and beer? Ever since I've known you, not only are you a great Newsman on the Piscopo in the Morning Show, right? Morning Show, that's right. From when to when is that? 6 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. What time do you get up for that? About 3 o'clock. No joke? No joke. You gotta be ready? Always. Newsman is one thing? Mm hmm. But an expert on everything about beer... where did that come from? Well, I don't know about an expert... I never want to call myself an expert, because there's always a learning experience. You're an aficionado? Aficionado. That's... that's a better term. But I love drinking beer over the years, and the craft beer scene has had its ebbs and flows. It started in the mid 80s with Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, and then moved on in the 90s, they had a big craft beer explosion, and then there was a bubble, it burst. Craft breweries were not as plentiful, let's say. Right. In the 2000s, they started to come back around again. And in the great state of New Jersey, we started to see a resurgence, a couple of breweries in New Jersey in the mid 90s were sustaining the beer scene. But then all of a sudden within the mid 2000s, it started to explode, and you started to taste these different things. Anybody can drink a Budweiser or a Coors Light. But in the end, when you want to try something that's fresh, tasty, delicious, makes you want to have more than one... craft beer's the way to go. So hold on one second. Yeah. Guys, tell me if I can do this... Al just mentioned... excuse me, a couple of beers. I told him that I... I'm a light beer drinker because... you know, every pound is a problem. So, can I say H light? Can I say H light? Everyone will know H light. You know what is? Sure. And the other one, if I can't get that, it's the other one? Right. With an A? With an A. Light? Light. Yeah. You made a face when I said that to you. I did. Compared to what you bring in, is my stuff boring? Yes, I'll tell you why, because it's chemicals. It's not fresh. It's not... It's not straight from the farm right into your beer. That's the difference. It's a better taste, it's cleaner, it's refreshing and you don't wake up with a hangover the next day. Whoa give me..."