Training A Generation of Future Leaders

Christy Tighe, Director of College and Career Readiness at Junior Achievement of New Jersey, and Camille Holloman, Junior Achievement Alumnus, sit down with Steve Adubato to describe how Junior Achievement is working with the business community to make students more employable. Camille shares her personal experience on how Junior Achievement has helped her grow.

10/20/18 #3126






"We are pleased to welcome once again our good friend, Christy Tighe, who is director of college and career readiness at Junior Achievement in New Jersey, and you're here with a friend. I am. She is Camille Holloman, who is Junior Achievement alumnus. Good to see both of you. Nice to meet you too. Well we'll talk about Junior Achievement in just a second. Why is this young lady here? She's here because, we work with students all over the state at Junior Achievement. and she is one of our shining stars. One of our greatest examples of what we can help students become and what our state is made out of. I mean we have such great students here in New Jersey, and she is the best of the best. And Junior Achievement, the brief description is? Sure, well we are an organization...we're actually a global organization celebrating our 100th year. And here in New Jersey we inspire and prepare students across the state to be successful after graduation. And we provide experiences and training and mentorship for our young people, K-12, that help them be better in careers, be better in life, better in college. Really just to get them prepared for  the 21st century. You know, what did Junior Achievement do for you? Junior Achievement has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I began affiliating myself with Junior Achievement since I was a sophomore in high school. What drew you to them? What drew you to Junior Achievement? How did you get involved? Well I got involved through a program my school, JROTC, Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and I loved it a lot. So one main thing we got to do with Junior Achievement, was High School Heroes, and... High School Heroes? Yes. Go ahead. And as a high school hero you go to different schools, you teach elementary school children about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. You did that? Yes. Describe what that was like for you? Well, my very first experience, I thought I was just going to be an assistant to a student leader. Well it was then decided I was going to teach a class. [LAUGHS] My first experience I was pretty nervous, because you know I didn't know what to expect. It's a different learning environment. It's been so long since I've been in that elementary school, so I don't know how the children would react to me. What was it like?  My first experience, it was, it was pretty fun I got to work with, I believe it..."