Using LATI to Help Students Learn at Their Own Level

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Bobbie Sobel, Fifth Grade Teacher, Shongum School in Randolph, NJ, to discuss the teaching method LATI, Learner Active Technology Infused Classroom, and how the unique philosophy enables each student to learn at their own level.

11/29/2019 #2261






"We are honored to be joined by Bobbie Sobel, who is 5th grade teacher in Randolph, New Jersey, at a school...? Named Shongum. I wanted to make sure you said it right. Did you just not say that you recognize impatience in people? Because you teach 5th graders? I teach 5th grade. So I can deal with anything at anytime. Anything? Anything. So what prepared you to be the teacher you are? By the way, we're gonna talk about your unique teaching approach in a second. I had great role models. Go ahead. My parents were both teachers. Is that right? Yes. So as a kid? As a kid, I used to help my mom all the time. Do what? Lesson plans? No. Do bulletin boards, book orders... Really? I loved being in the classroom. Where did you grow up? West Orange. West Orange, New Jersey? Mm hmm. Not too far from where we're taping. So, you were fascinated by teaching at a very young age? Yes. And made a decision pretty early on? Yes. Okay. So, you are teaching 5th grade? Yes I am. And you come up with this unique teaching approach? I did not come up with this. It is a philosophy that was created by Nancy Sulla at IDE Corporation, called Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom. Otherwise known as? LATI, or... I was originally taught LATI, then it changed into LATIC, to include the "c" for classroom. It was brought to our district as something that was innovative. And if you wanted to learn, and do something different, you could take a two-week class during the Summer. And you did this? I did it. And you learned? I learned. About this new approach? It is a most amazing approach. and I am now also helping new teachers learn how to do it. Well Bobbie, we can talk about it, or we can take a look at this Classroom Closeup clip that tells us all about it[music playing] Now would be a great time for you to take out your activity sheets and see what you need to schedule for your day. The object is, in my room, to be who you are. A child doesn't need to come to a lesson if they already know the concept. I have five groups. How many of you want to do a circle? There are days I'll sit at my desk, and I'll just watch them. They're all learning how they want to learn it. And they all get the same skills, just in different ways. What do you see different on these problems? Different? It's divided by a different...Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom, LATI, is a philosophy... the teacher being a facilitator in the room, not..."