Vicky Hernandez; Dr. Jessica Israel; Meghan Tavormina; Dr. Marie Mullaney

Steve Adubato is joined by Nicole Swenarton, Executive Producer, Think Tank with Steve Adubato, to discuss this episode of Think Tank.

Steve Adubato speaks with Vicky Hernandez, Executive Director, Ironbound Community Corporation, about the impact of the pandemic on Ironbound’s mission and work, the issues surrounding childcare in Newark, and the importance of encouraging the Newark community to get vaccinated.

Steve Adubato is joined by Jessica Israel, MD, Senior Vice President of Geriatrics and Palliative Care, RWJBarnabas Health, to discuss the importance of communication to Palliative Care, the ways COVID disproportionately impacts the elderly community, and the importance of the Palliative Care Collaborative in bringing different hospitals together to learn from and support each other.

Steve Adubato sits down with Meghan Tavormina, President, New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children, and Executive Director, The Learning Path, to talk about the issues with low wages and COVID closures that have led to the staffing crisis in the childcare industry, the impact of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan on childcare, and the importance of affordable, quality, accessible child care to New Jersey’s economy.

Steve Adubato is joined by Marie Mullaney, Ph.D., Professor of History, and Specialist, Women’s History, Caldwell University, who shares her thoughts on why women’s history should be implemented into regular history lessons. She also discusses the history of holidays created by women, including Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.